Common Ordering Questions

"My payment won't go through"

Most likely not your fault. we get this often on the 'checkout with credit card' option especially with Amex and Discover.

Use the Paypal' button at final checkout - you can still use a card on that and don't need a Paypal account- just look for the button on the screen for paypal and then use the guest checkout.

"I'm not sure of the right size to choose"

Take a look at our sizing chart here.

The chart is accurate but some shirts do shrink if you set the washer or dryer too hot. With Unisex you are good to order the same size you normally would.
The ladies tees are a fitted style and we recommend that you order a size larger than your usual fit if you aren't used to fitted tees.
It's rare now that we get a size complaint but if you are unsure just order one shirt to try us out. if it's wrong then we will replace your first single shirt order with a larger or smaller shirt.

"I'm Unsure about your delivery times?"

We know that when you buy something you want it like NOW right? I'm the same. we expect that fast delivery now.
But here's the thing, Your items are printed to order. That means we don't just pull a bag off the shelf and mail it - we print just for you so the print is the right size. We quality inspect each print by hand before sending it to you. You want that right? - it's worth the extra wait.
Generally speaking your order will arrive 7-10 days after you ordered within the USA.  International orders can take up to 4 weeks

More questions?

just email us